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Transform Your Life….with Life Coach Tamarra Causley


As a host on the Life Coach Channel, I thoroughly enjoy speaking with listeners and getting their feedback on the many interesting topics that we discuss.  Today, I would like to higlight a broadcast by Life Coach Tamarra Causley

This radio broadcast is one that can comfort anyone that has encountered disappointments in life and they are looking for some relief from dwelling on these disappointments.  We have all dealt with setbacks and loss in life; we have to choose how we react to these life events.  We do that by learning how to bounce back!  Have you ever loss the perfect job?  Did you lose your parents tragically?  Did you husband/wife betray you?  All of these things can bring us hurt and distrust.  We sometimes strike out against the wrong people or at the most inopportune times. 

Trina Ramsey, Lakia Allen, and Tamarra Causley Robinson are 3 amazing, certified life coaches that offer you tips and advice on how to have a pity party and then move on.  Moving on is the most important thing that you can do for your mental health and sanity.  Do not dwell in your sadness.  It is ok to have these emotions of anger and sadness but there has to be an expiration date.  Click the link below to enjoy this wonderful broadcast on how to bounce back from life’s disappointments!



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