Rebranding Yourself and Your Business

No matter how long you've been in business, you can't run your business the same way forever, especially if there is a need for a serious change.  The world changes every day and without change, there can be no growth.  What would a business, in 2014, be without the internet or digital technology?  The article below gives you tips and advice on what you can do to embrace change and jump into the future with a more positive outlook.  Your business deserves it!
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The Art of a Powerful Relationship

In this video you will learn the KEY component to having a powerful relationship. It is really what will shift your relationship from being just okay, to being fully amazing! Watch to find out how.

Business Boot Camp!

~Are you ready to kickstart your business in 2014? This program is designed to triple your income and make you a sales star. The end result? You are focused and know what you need to do to take your business to the next level.  For more information, click the link and read the summary.  There are 3 BONUS vides to get a taste of what you can learn! Enjoy!

Learn How to Reach and Maintain Your New Year's Resolutions!

Amy discussed "New Year’s Resolutions" with Avi Dresner of WellTalk radio. WellTalk radio is a weekly show that is devoted exclusively to health, fitness, and wellness. 

Making Resolutions Stick!

This week's video is about how to make New Year's Resolutions stick!
I guide you to be able to accomplish and focus with clarity on that one thing that you really want in 2014 and then make it happen!

Super Soul Sunday After-Show: Special Edition From December 22, 2013

In this special edition of "Super Soul Sunday," Oprah sat down with today's top thinkers, teachers and spiritual leaders to discuss life's big questions. Plus, if you missed it, there were never-before-seen footage and surprise appearances by the Queen of Rock and Soul Tina Turner, filmmaker George Lucas and more.  Join us on the Life Coach Chat Channel for a great after-show discussion!  Click the link below!

Amy's Archives - Holiday Gratitude

Holiday Gratitude: This archive discusses having an attitude of gratitude this holiday season. Reminding us to return to giving from the heart and not from the head. Learn how to experience JOY and watch the holiday stress melt away!

DEAR ME 2014!!!! Contest!

 Hello Friends! Have you ever thought about writing a letter to yourself? With the new year coming, there will be millions of resolutions, with that being said, we are running a contest called "DEAR ME 2014" and I invite you to like Choose Evolution's Facebook page as well to win!

Be a Warrior

A true warrior chooses evolution as oppose to staying complacent and tepid. Here is a small passage from “A Warrior”:

I'm a warrior.

A warrior would rather be defeated and die...

than act against his nature.

That is the path you've chosen to take...


Take a moment to open your mind and heart to elavate your life to a higher level of satisfaction and success!  Click on the file below to download “A Warrior”.


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