Super Soul Sunday After Show: Oprah & Anne Lamott - Prayer

Have you ever felt like you wanted to pray about a certain situation but you were not quite sure if GOD was listening?  Are you afraid to pray?  No matter what you think, prayer changes things.

Special Guest on Good Morning Pittsfield! 89.7FM

I had the most amazing time as a guest on “Good Morning Pittsfield”! Hosted by John Krol, we covered many different topics!  There are so many different paths in life and many of us have no clue which one to take.  How can we create the life that we’ve always wanted?  How can we have a career that we love?  Find out what you are passionate about by just reaching down inside yourself.  Get rid of all of the negatives and embrace the positives.  Check out this show to get more advice and insight on how to grow from the inside out!  Just click here!

Connect the Dots: Be Inspired, Stay Inspired!

 What does it really mean to be inspired?  Trust me, I know how easy it is to go online or pick up a magazine and instantly get inspired.  Yes!

Super Soul Sunday:Oprah & Brene Brown: Daring Greatly

Dr.Brene Brown is an amazing author that helps readers understand that it is okay to fail.  Just because a door may close for now, that doesn’t mean that it is dead-bolted and locked forever.  There is timing for everything.  It may just have not been a great fit for that moment in time.   Don’t allow your weaknesses to dim your light in this world.

Feng Shui for the Soul:The Undiscovered Goddess..

Special Guest Author Michelle Colston, sat down with me to discuss her amazing and very interesting book, "The Undiscovered Goddess".  Have you ever felt as if you were not being your true self??  Sometimes, in this life,we may find ourselves in situations that we do not want to be in.  We get caught up in the ideas of how others think we should act or feel...  There are going to be days when we are not 100% awesome but we have to know that it is ok to just be "ok".  You dont have anything to prove to anyone but yourself.  The sooner you realize that, the better off you will become and the

Financial Abundance



Amy's Archives: Relationship Realities

In this video, I explain how we hold onto relationships when they just don't fit anymore and how to become aware of your Relationship Reality in order to let go and create new space for a better "fit" to your current life.

La Pasión

What is your passion? Why are you not doing it? Life is too short not to do what you love! In this video, I discuss the reasons why we waste our talents and passions not doing what we believe will make us happy, what will make us money (a job) and ultimately what will fulfill us!

Clear Conscious Communication

I describe what Clear Conscious Communication is, how to begin using it to improve your relationships, and an example of how to practice this with someone whom you are not communicating clearly with. Give this simple technique a try and see the how results shift your communication into optimal speaking and listening. Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel!



Don't Feed the Gremlins

Just like in the movies, when we feed our Gremlins (inner critic) they multiply, telling us many different stories to keep us paralyzed and throw us off of our path toward success. Amy discusses how to manage these little mischievous characters. Don't forget to subscribe to her Youtube channel.




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