Amy's Archives: What to do about Fear

Today we are going to dive into Fear.. Discussing what it is, how it holds us back and how to overcome it!

Advance with Amy: My Introduction to what I do.

An an introduction to NRG Management, Choose Evolution Coaching Systems and Amy Dawidowicz. How can I be of service to you?


How I Choose Evolution In My Relationship

In March of 2012, I was praying for something to shift. My career was going great,
my house had been completely gutted and redone to perfection. And then there was
my relationship with my boyfriend...

I didn't wanted to admit it, but my relationship was failing and it was killing me.

I was so tired and not okay with my partner and I living like roommates. I was
exhausted and lonely. While I was praying for a breakthrough, I was in the throes
of a breakdown. I knew I could continue down this same path and get the same
mediocre results or...

Spring In Your Step With An Attitude Of Gratitude Or ( Everything I Need To Know I Learned At My Grandmother's Assisted Living Facility )

As I was tromping down the hall of my Gram’s assisted living community, a woman's
voice marveled, “Well, that‘s the sound of youth behind me”.

Turning, I saw an elderly woman, one of my Gram's neighbors. She and I walked
together towards her and my Gram's apartments. As I walked with this youthful
looking 94 year-old woman, we shared a conversation about how she was feeling in
the moment.

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