About Amy Dawidowicz

You're a success story.  Although, you may not feel like one.

You've done so much right in your life. The career. The relationships. The material success. And yet, there's something nagging you down deep. You feel like something is missing. That you're not so much stuck as you are out of alignment.


That's where I come in.

As a Lifestyle Catalyst, Certified Business Coach, and Transformational Spit Fire, I help rock stars just like you stoke your inner fire to reignite the spark you've been missing – in life, relationships, and/or in your career.

If you're ready to:

  • Take yourself from the plateau of transition into the possibility of transformation
  • Unlock the next level in your career without losing your sanity or success
  • Improve your personal relationships and be a better YOU

Then it's time to Choose Evolution.

Using my spitfire strategies, I can take you from transition to transformation in record time.

When we work together, I'll show you the short cuts to "Master the Moment", stoke the fire of your "Evolutionary Wisdom", and re-align from the inside out.

These simple, profound shifts will allow you to clear out the internal clutter, shift your mindset, and get YOU back in alignment with YOU!

You don't have to waste another minute lolly gagging in transition. It's time for your Evolutionary Transformation!

Why Choose Evolution and Why Choose Me?

Let's just say I've walked through many fires to get here and have a cheat sheet on how to Choose Evolution without self-destructing.

By the time I graduated from college, I'd:

  1. Left an abusive relationship
  2. Healed myself of cancer
  3. Survived 2 attempts on my life
  4. Overcome addiction

It would have been easy to let all of these early life experiences destroy me. Instead, I realized along the way that I could choose how to handle each situation. In choosing evolution, I transformed myself and my life from the inside out.

Now, I'm on a mission to help raise awareness to others- of who we are and how we show up with the understanding that we are SO powerful and DO create our life with action.  Within that action is our ability to be in passion with our lives, loving who we are, how we show up and what we do.  And within that, the universe lays the foundation you need to create your evolutionary life.

That is what I’m here to do for you.  To serve you in your highest good. To gain clarity, create a plan, and discern between healthy and unhealthy distractions to make your vision a reality.

I've spent a lifetime cultivating the evolutionary tools to create powerful change from the inside out.

That in combination with my years of training and teaching have brought me to Choose Evolution.

A master of many modalities, I've combined my IPEC coaching certification with my many varietals of 200+ hours of yoga certification, my experience as a Healing Light Body Worker, Reiki Master, entrepreneurial success and talent, and my degrees in Education and Psychology to help you take yourself from transition to transformation.

When we clear out your inner clutter, your outer world changes. That's what Choosing Evolution is all about.

I'm committed to helping people dig deep, find themselves, and come out the other side a more REAL, Evolved, Enlightened individual.

Ready to stoke your inner fire and Choose Evolution? Click here to contact me.