Success Stories

Amy's inspiration is contagious. Not only can she feel what a person is going through, she can relate to a prior experience and help break apart an issue.  Her inspiration makes anyone she comes across want to inspire others.  She is one of a kind and has the ability to step outside of a situation so that she can give insight into the deeper issues surrounding the situation.  Her knowledge is so vast it is amazing that such a young woman has had so many experiences and wisdom. This makes her the perfect business/life/inspirations Coach.

She helped me focus on positive issues including health and wellness making them appealing.  As a business/life-coach, she has the ability to affect a person on levels that you may never have thought possible. Amy has the ability to guide and support people so naturally through her inspiration and enlightenment to create success in every aspect of their lives

Lucas, 38

Before working with Amy, I had a hard time seeing my value and how I wanted to be in my business.  I raced around doing this never getting anything done and always felt frustrated day after day.  As a result of working with Amy, I was able to set a clear focus on my business and set up effective systems to support that vision.  Most importantly, I saw my value and that by playing and being small was not serving my clients and it certainly was not serving myself.  While working with Amy, I sold out a private group program in two weeks and already have my next program on the way to being filled!  Having Amy on my team really gave me the confidence to stand in my value and has truly made all the difference to my life and my business!

Kim, 36

Amy is an earnest, present listener. She "shows up" for each session with energy, grace and respect.  Amy approaches each conversation without judgment, leaving me free to explore solutions to my challenges at my pace. I jumped into my present profession as an entrepreneur with clarity and ease. I learned a lot working with Amy and trust she will deliver similarly to each and every client she encounters!

 Jacqueline, 47

Amy is a true leader and inspires me with her boundless energy as well as her deep desire to serve others.  Amy has offered me effective tools so that I can tap deeper into my personal process as an individual and as a teacher within my community.  Amy's deep listening and professional insight have allowed me to break through old patterns and blossom into new potential.  I am thankful to have Amy as a coach.

Josie, 37

"When I first started working with Amy, I was very unclear, unfocused, and fearful of the future.  Through my work with Amy,  I have gained clarity, focus, direction, and feel more confident in my future. I lived my life in the past, in survival mode and merely bounced from job to job because it was what others suggested or was presented to me. Amy makes the process of moving forward easier. It's an incredible and wonderful journey that is worth taking. "
Claire, 50

Before working with Amy Dawidowicz I really struggled with being able to express my wants and needs. After being coached by Amy I have the ability to communicate effectively with others without getting emotional and shutting down.  I now have much less stress and anxiety about speaking up for myself and moving forward with my move and schooling and over all the things that are important to me. If you are struggling with finding your inner strength and having the confidence to make a change that is important to you I cannot recommend Amy enough to help you work through it!
Blaine, 22

Amy’s expertise is unparalleled.  She has the skills of a personal trainer, nutritionist, business coach, healer, and motivator.  I have never met anyone as knowledgeable in such a variety of things, and yet, as you will come to see, they are all interconnected.  I recommend her services for any issue you may be dealing with.  I have had my share of tribulations, though today I live a life full of possibilities.  Amy is teaching me how to put thoughts and desires into action.  She is a light on my path.  As a testament to her ability, I am certain that she can aid you through whatever darkness or troubles are weighing you down.  You have everything to gain!
 Mia, 30

I have always struggled with my weight.  For most of my life my weight didn't bother me enough to make me do something about it.  Then I thought a nutritionist would solve all of my problems, that couldn't be farther from the truth.  What I didn't realize was that there were underlying things going on within myself and habits I had that I didn't realize I had until Amy & I talked.  She gave me a safe place to express my feelings however is naturally to me whenever I needed to.  Since working with Amy, I began looking internally and found ways to enjoy life and be more content with my current weight and move it in the direction I'd like it to go.  The transformation also extends to the fact that I can cope better with stressful situations at work and with friends/family.

Shannon, 27